Tchekhov / Benedetti

14 november - 10 december

with Brigitte Barilley,Marie-Laudes Emond, Florence Janas, Nina Renaux, Christian Benedetti, Christophe Caustier, Philippe Crubézy, Laurent Huon, Xavier Legrand, Jean Lescot.
traduction André Markowicz & Françoise Morvan
assistant  Christophe Carotenuto
light Dominique Fortin

With “The Seagull”, Anton Chekhov questions our capacities, our means, and our obligations. What form should modern theatre take today? “We need new forms. New forms, that’s what we need, and if there aren’t any, then better to have nothing at all”. (act 1- Treplev to Sorin) changing the method won’t suffice if it doesn’t put into perspective another way of perception.